Hey guys Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and Improvemant.com and stay tuned to learn an EASY POCKET SQUARE FOLD.


Now there are hundreds of pocket square folds and I’ll cover the main folds in future videos but today I want to show you what I believe is the easiest and also the coolest looking pocket square fold which I term the puff pocket square.



photo: www.hedford.com





  1. What you do is simply take the pocket square and find the very centre of the fabric and just pinch that area with 2 fingers.
  2. Once you’ve located and pinched that area, place the index finger of your other hand up inside the area your 2 fingers are pinching.
  3. That finger then becomes your guiding point and you want to form a loose first around that finger and slide down from the top of your finger to the bottom.
  4. Doing so will create a puff of fabric with some loose, excess fabric at the bottom. You want to twist the fabric at the point where the puff ends and the excess fabric begins.
  5. You’ve now created your puff pocket fold and you simply place the fabric inside your chest pocket by placing the excess fabric in first so the puffy end then sits at the top of the pocket opening as you can see here.


See the video at top of page for live demonstration of the puff fold.


photo: http://hespokestyle.com/


The reason I like this fold is because it’s so easy to do and the result is a non cookie cutter look in which you still look refined but slightly more relaxed than some other more serious folds. This is a great beginners pocket square fold due to it’s ease of use but in saying that it’s also just about the best fold in terms of image and aesthetics in my professional opinion.


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