Drink water in the morning on empty stomach

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You want to drink at least 500 mls of water whilst still in bed or as soon as you get up. And the most important factor is that you consume this water on an empty stomach. This is a habit that will do absolute wonders for your health and here’s 10 reasons why

1- It kick starts your metabolism which fuels fat burning.

Drinking water is kind of a forgotten hero when it comes to the practices that aid fat loss, and first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is the optimal time to be implementing this tactic.

A fast and hard working metabolism has been proven to increase your calorie burning potential throughout the day and there is no better way to kick start this process than to drink water in the morning on empty stomach.

In addition water has been proven to fill you up and can decrease your portion sizes at breakfast. We all know how critical discipline and momentum are in the fat loss tool kit – so starting your day off this way may lead to smarter food choices and fewer calories for the rest of your day.

2 – Water feeds your brain

As you may already realise our bodies are comprised of 75% water and this is the same for our brains. So by feeding your brain it’s main component each morning – you will be feeling sharper and better able to concentrate on the tasks at hand to get the most out of your day

3 – A good nights sleep dehydrates you’re body

No matter how much water you drank the day before, a standard nights sleep will dehydrate your body of the water it requires to start the day off on the right foot.

If you drink water in the morning on empty stomach , you are feeding your cells with the nutrients that have been depleted overnight and you will have more energy to start your day effectively.

What is crazy is that so many people start their day with an energy drink like red bull or a coffee to give them a kick start – but the main ingredient in these substances is caffeine which is an ingredient which actually causes dehydration, so reach for the water instead of caffeine first thing in the morning.

4 – Water flushes out the nasties

If you drink water in the morning on empty stomach you will flush unwanted toxins out of your body. As you sleep your body is working behind the scenes to self repair which includes restoring your energy reserves for the coming day and balancing out your hormones.

As a result of this process various toxins and other waste materials are being released into your system and the body desperately wants to flush them out which is why drinking ample amounts of water as soon as you rise will facilitate this process and result in you taking in more nutrients at your first meal.

5 – Prevents and cures some disease

You have probably heard about the very low rates of life threatening diseases and illnesses in countries like Japan when compared with other parts of the world. This strategy of consuming water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach has been adopted as common practise in these cultures for years and years which has resulted in the prevention, minimisation and cure of many diseases.

Even if the healing benefits of this practice only played a small role in speeding up healing or preventing illnesses then surely it is worth implementing as it is free, painless and relatively easy to do.

6 – Keeps you regular & prevents or relieves constipation

We have all been constipated at one time or another and it sucks, the main cause of constipation is dehydration. So by drinking water early in the morning you are combatting the natural dehydration process that occurs over night, and you are helping yourself stay regular as the fluids will promote an early bowel movement.

7 – Water is refreshing

Now I am not pretending that there are not millions of other liquids that taste better than water but nothing compares to water in terms of quenching your thirst and refreshing you.

8 – Habit forming exercise

anything that requires the dedication and discipline to form a daily habit is a great thing. Starting off the day with a disciplined exercise of any kind can flow on through the day and is a great practice to adopt.

9 – Better absorption

drinking water on an empty stomach cleans the colon which allows the body to absorb nutrients more easily and effectively.

10 – Great looking skin

water helps to eliminate toxins from the blood making your skin glow and look clear and smooth

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