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Domestic God

Ok hands up if you like sex, hands up if you would like to have sex more often, hands up if you would like to know one of the reasons your not having sex as often as you’d like. Hands up if you would love for your partner to be happier with you and your relationship on a more consistent basis?

I have lost count of how many books I have read on woman, relationships and sex, and in just about every one of these books, there was a section explaining that if men would in fact man up and take on the responsibility of sharing the household chores such as cleaning, laundry, cooking, organising and so on – they would in turn reap the benefits in the bedroom as well as the general health of their relationship because woman want a man who is a domestic god.

I think men either assume ythat woman enjoy domestic duties – or they think that as long as they cut the lawn once a fortnight and take the kitchen bin out once it is overflowing – then they are doing their part around the house. However I think that as blokes – w all know deep down that this isn’t cutting it.

What men need to realise is that even if their wife or girlfriend did enjoy domestic duties, the fact of the matter is that by not sharing the load or at least offering to pitch in and help, you are disrespecting your partner and making her feel like a servant instead of an equal member of the relationship.

Woman love their house like a guy loves his tool shed, man cave, car, home bar or sporting equipment. So if your partner used something like your bar or man cave as a dumping ground for her possessions or mistreated your sporting equipment or car, you’d have the shits right? Well this is how woman feel about the bathroom, kitchen, dining room and most other areas in the house.

But how does all of this affect your sex life? Well it all comes back to the fact that woman connect sexually based on their emotions. The big difference is that when she disrespects your pride and joy, you will be pissed off – but you will still feel like having sex with her, cause men can compartmentalise their emotions – but woman are not able to do this as easily, if at all.

If your not helping around the house, 2 things will likely happen, number 1 – is that your partner will be angry that you don’t respect her or the relationship enough and she will disconnect emotionally. And number 2 – your partner will be tired and fatigued from performing all of the house work alone.

These 2 issues cause a deadly sex killing combination that results in your wife or girlfriend seeking sleep, TV, alcohol or a divorce attorney – instead of having sex with you.

But luckily for all you grubs out there – I have researched all the tips, tricks and techniques to make keeping a house more systemised and enjoyable so that you can start scoring big browny points with your partner. So tune in each day for the videos that will make you a domestic god.

Bottom line guys, if you want a dirtier sex life then you’ve gotta start cleaning up.

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