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Welcome back guys, so have you ever asked the question> How dirty is a mobile phone? And more importantly, do you ever clean and disinfect your phone. Well watch this video till the end and I think that you may start cleaning it regularly.

I watched a crazy video today which was posted on the popular website You can view the video here> but I will break it down for you now.

So your cell phone has over 25’000 bacteria germs per square inch. We often keep our phone in warm places such as inside pant or jacket pockets, inside a backpack or hand bag, and bacteria growth is facilitated and promoted by heat which is another contributing factor to this huge amount of bacteria and germ build up on your phone.

Now compare that number of 25’000 bacteria germs per square inch to the following 5 items. So a

  1. A toilet seat has just 1’200 bacteria germs over the same area making it close to 24 times cleaner than your phone.
  2. Your kitchen counter top has about 1’800 bacteria germs per square inch which is about 14 times cleaner than your phone
  3. A dog’s food bowl has just over 2’000 bacteria germs per square inch making it over 12 times cleaner than your mobile phone.
  4. The buttons and touch screen of an ATM machine has 4’500 bacteria germs per square inch making it over 5 times cleaner than your mobile phone.
  5. And a standard door knob has around 8’500 bacteria germs per square inch making it around 3 times cleaner than your mobile phone.

This is pretty alarming information right and everybody, or most everybody cleans there hands regularly after going to the bathroom, cooking, touching something dirty, cleaning up spills etc, but very few people are cleaning their phones regularly.

Whilst it is recommended to expose yourself to some germs and bacteria in order to build up your immune system. The amount of germs and bacteria on your phone is far more than you should be exposed to so you need to disinfect your phone regularly.

Another interesting point to make is that when you are speaking in your phone, unless you are using the speaker or hands free function, you are placing the phone against your ear and cheek. So given the incredibly high amount of bacteria on the phone, placing this on your skin can promote acne and skin blemishes forming which nobody wants.

Now I will explain the best way to clean your phone which really is incredibly easy and should be done once a week at a minimum. What you don’t want to do is use any commercial cleaners like window cleaner spray, spray and wipe or anything that contains ammonia as this may cause problems to your phone.

The material that you use to wipe down your phone is also important as you don’t want to use items such as paper towel or hand washers or cloths that may be abrasive and scratch your screen or case.

So what you want to use is rubbing alcohol which goes by the full name of isopropyl alcohol. This can be found in any supermarket and most chemists and pharmacies. Another important factor is that you only use a microfiber cloth to wipe over the phone.

Ok so you want to just make up a very small solution of around 50/50 rubbing alcohol and normal water and then just dab a small amount onto the microfiber cloth and rub over all the areas of the phone.

As I mentioned, you want to be doing this at least once a week to keep on top of all that bacteria growth. I also came across another interesting option online which is a product called phone soap.

I won’t go into too much detail as I have included a website link above but basically the product is a small case which you place your phone inside, and the inside of the case is filled with UV light which actually disinfects the bacteria on your phone, and the case also charges your phone at the same time.

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Take care guys and as always, keep learning and improving

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