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Hey guys, Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and and watch the video above or read the article below to learn the DECK OF CARDS WORKOUT. 


What does a deck of cards and working out have in common? Well you wouldn’t think they had any relevance together at all but today I’m going to show you the deck of cards workout which is an incredibly challenging and effective workout.


As you would know, a deck of cards has four suits being hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. To perform this workout you want to assign one exercise to each suit and you are best to assign 4 compound exercises.


So as an example, my brother and I often do this workout and we tend to choose chin ups, body weight squats which can be double or single leg, push ups and some form of ab exercises.


Once you have your 4 exercises and have assigned each exercise to a suit, you want to either write down or memorize what exercise represents which suit such as hearts is chin ups, diamonds is squats, spades is push ups and clubs is abs.


You then shuffle the deck (this is the most important step) and place the cards face down. You then pick up the first card and if it’s a four of hearts then you do 4 chin ups. As soon as you have done those 4 chin ups you pick up the next card and it might be the 8 of diamonds so you do 8 squats.


You just do this repeatedly with no breaks or just minimal breaks until you have gone through the whole deck of cards. If you haven’t put 2 and 2 together yet the catch, and what makes this a real killer workout is the randomness of having shuffled the cards to begin with.


Because of this, it’s very possible that you may pull out a 7 of hearts and do 7 chin ups and then pick up a 10 of hearts and have to jump straight back into 10 more chin ups with no rest. It’s quite amazing how much you can push yourself just because you are working to a numbers system provided to you with the use of the cards.


It also helps to do this workout with someone else to create motivation and competition to get through it. This is a workout that is far better suited to body weight exercises and not performed at a commercial gym where you have to share equipment. My brother and I often do this at a park or school with jungle gym equipment that we can use for chin ups and anything else we can think of.



  • The Jack = 10 reps
  • The Queen = 10 reps
  • The King = 10 reps
  • The Aces can be either 1 or 11 reps
  • And you can use the 2 Joker cards to mix it up and add some cardio sprints or anything you feel like.




Once you have completed this workout, if you chose 11 for the aces card you will have performed:

  • 380 reps in total which is 95 reps for each of the 4 exercises which is very intense within that time frame.


So definitely give this a go as you want to try and mix up your workout routine as much as possible.


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