Hey guys, Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and and watch the video above or read the article below to learn WHY LETTING YOUR GIRLFRIEND OR WIFE BUY EXPENSIVE LINGERIE WILL IMPROVE YOUR SEX LIFE. 


There are lots of boyfriends and husbands who get the shits when going through bank statements and notice a pricey transaction for some Victoria’s Secret lingerie that their wife has purchased.


A very common statement us guys may make is “why would you spend hundreds of dollars on something that only stays on for a few minutes?”.


This statement is actually a very good example of the age old “MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS” debate in which men and women are so often on different pages within their relationships.


Guys think that women are being reckless and not logical in paying a lot of money for items that we basically want to rip off as soon as we see our lady wearing them.


This highlights 2 clear facts:

  1. Men are logical creatures
  2. Men generally tend to rush sex instead of savor it as our partners wished we would.






Whilst a man’s logical reasoning may make complete sense to him and his mates when we all share our frustrations together at the pub, what most guys don’t realise is that the lady is not buying that sexy lingerie to turn you on!!


The lady is actually buying that sexy lingerie to turn herself on!! When it comes to getting turned o for sex, you’ve all heard the analogies like men are microwaves and women are ovens, men are light bulbs and women are irons, men are matches and women are camp fires.


This is completely true as women require far more time, stimuli and mental involvement to become aroused and turned on to really enjoy and commit themselves to fully take part in sex.


Whilst many men complain about their partners buying expensive lingerie, many men also complain that they don’t have sex as often as they’d like.


So instead of looking at that bank statement and thinking of how else that money could have been spent, it may help you to think of that purchase as something that will improve your sex life and make your partner happier.


When a woman feels more sexy and confident in herself, she will be more interested to be physical with you. And buying nice lingerie is something that makes many women feel feminine, confident and sexy.


This leads me to the more important point of this whole topic. Don’t just rip her sexy lingerie off within 30 seconds of her revealing it to you. I will give you an analogy to highlight why this is a bad idea. Imagine that you are a beer lover and you brew your own home brew.


Now imagine spending weeks crafting the perfect blend of home brewed beer so you could enjoy a cold beer each night after work for a month or so.


And imagine telling your wife that you’ve just finished creating this amazing batch of home brewed beer and she then invites all of your mates around without telling you, and by the end of the night your months supply of expertly crafted beer is all gone.


Well this is how she feels when you just rip off the lingerie she took her time in choosing, trying on and purchasing. Looking online, driving to the store, trying items on in the change rooms and putting it on for you is actually all forms and stages of foreplay for her. And all women love a man who actively takes part in foreplay.



So instead of ripping the lingerie off, take your time to purposefully and genuinely look at and notice all areas of her new lingerie and tell her how amazing and sexy she looks in it.


Then be sure to leave her lingerie on as you touch and kiss all areas of her body. And if you really want to be good in bed, you will kiss and touch over the top of her lingerie until she’s so turned on she actually takes the lingerie off herself.


Don’t be just another typical male who disappoints his partner with a lack of foreplay and understanding of what turns women on. Use today’s video and all other such similar women, relationships and sex based videos at to be the exception to the rule and I’m sure your sex life will improve as a result.


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