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Today’s biggest turn offs for girls is men who swear too much. Whilst it’s one thing to swear excessively in the company of your mates to feel more manly or make a story sound funnier.


It’s a whole different story when you swear excessively in front of women. Now it is 2015 and granted there are many women who swear like sailors themselves and would not be offended.


But there would still be more women than not who would appreciate a single man who doesn’t swear unnecessarily in her presence and who can display a level of maturity and manners that will be a good reflection on yourself and also the lady if she is your wife or girlfriend.


If you are a single guy and you are talking to a lady you have just met, not swearing should be a no brainer as this will definitely be one of the biggest turn offs for girls who don’t swear excessively themselves.


If you are swearing more than you should, this can create a number of negative assumptions for that lady that may ruin your chances of impressing her.




Whilst this may seem harsh, human nature may dictate that the lady assumes you have been brought up poorly by your parents or you were not able to adhere to the rules and guidelines that your parents and teachers throughout school imposed on you regarding manners and swearing.


Whether this is true of your upbringing or not, perception is reality and your foul mouth won’t be getting you any closer to a first date with this lady.




In a similar way, the lady may also assume that you were poorly educated in an environment that did not value common manners and social etiquette.


You may have attended the most prestigious schools or higher education facilities but if your words and actions don’t reflect this, people sometimes have no choice but to paint pictures in their minds and connect their own dots as to to why you talk and act in a certain way.




Women may also hear you swearing and assume that you are a product of your surroundings and that all your friends and family talk and act in a similar way.


If the lady can’t see herself spending time with your friends and family this will weigh on her decision to pursue any type of future with yourself.




A lady may think you are very attractive, nice and that you have a lot going for you. But if you swear excessively to the point that the lady feels embarrassed to be in your company, this may be enough on it’s own to deter her from wanting to get to know you better.




Like myself, I’m sure you’ve all encountered somebody on public transport who was using their mobile phone and swearing frequently in a loud voice throughout their conversation with no regard for the fellow passengers.


Whilst they obviously have no problem with swearing, by doing so these people are actually displaying a high level of inconsideration to those people around them that may take great offence to profanity.


Being inconsiderate is one of the ugliest traits a person can possess so have a good think about whether or not you want to turn girls off with the thought that you too are an inconsiderate guy.


So if you do swear excessively and today’s article has made you consider the possibility that this could be one of the biggest turn offs for girls, you may want to make a conscious effort to curb this bad habit for the benefit of the impressions you make on others and the relationships you build or don’t build as a result.


Swearing does have an element of habit attached to it making the conscious effort to control this habit is sure to benefit your abilities to attract women and not turn them off.


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