Best times of day for sex

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Best times of day for sex

So as blokes, most of us are up for sex just about any time of the day, if our partner is up for it, it’s not like we are not checking our watches to see if it is a convenient time are we. But have you ever considered what was the best time of day for sex. Well I read up on this topic and I have broken down the day into sex time slots and researched the pro’s and con’s for each of these times.

So let’s start with 6-8 am

For most guys, we think this is the best time of day for sex but did you actually know why? A man’s testosterone levels are highest first thing in the morning meaning we are horniest at this time of the day, this increase in early morning testosterone can also increase a man’s aggression levels which may result in him pursuing sex with more persistence than at other times of the day.

So clearly guys like sex first thing in the morning but do any of us stop to consider if woman also like sex at this time? It’s with great sadness that I explain that for a lot of women – they actually feel the opposite about morning sex, and for some woman in particular, their partner poking and prodding them early in the morning drives them crazy.

The reason is pretty simple and falls in line with what I have explained in previous videos about woman requiring more boxes to be ticked off before they feel in the mood to have sex. One of the biggest boxes they need to tick off is feeling good about how they look – which will increase their confidence and make them feel sexy and in the mood for sex.

But if you think about it, when a woman first wakes up she is groggy, her hair is a mess, she would not be wearing makeup, she may be thinking her breath smells – so most woman are not feeling great about their appearance at this time.

So whilst guys are raring to go in the morning, this is unfortunately not an ideal time for woman. So Hopefully that makes you feel a little bit better about all those times you have been knocked back in the mornings.

I have spaced out the next sex time slot from 8:00 am till midday because there is more going during this time but this is actually one of the more favorable times for woman to be in the mood, they are fully awake, showered and made up -however of more importance, woman reach their peak level of endorphin’s at this stage and are easily excitable.

The obvious issue with this time and why it is hard to be the best time of day for sex  is that it is not conducive to those who work 9-5 but a good time to consider for weekends, holidays or those shift workers out there.

Onto our next sex slot which is 12:00 PM-2:00 PM

This is not the best time of day for sex for either sex, not only is it lunch time and we all know how distracting good food can be, but this time is also commonly used to run errands and tick off the 2do list – so probably one of the better times to avoid altogether.
The next sex slot is 2:00-4:00
Between 2 and 4pm a woman’s reproductive system is at its most effective and whilst some opinion varies, the most common opinion is that the semen produced by a man around 4pm is of the highest quaity.

So these 2 factors combine to increase the chances of conceiving – so if you are trying for kids, go nuts around this time and if you aren’t wanting kids then maybe wear 2 condoms to be super safe.
I have spaced the next time slot out from 4:00-8:00 PM

Because both men and women could probably take it or leave it during this time. There is a lot going on between commuting home from work, picking up kids and feeding and bathing them or just generally unwinding from your days work.

So that brings us to the 8:00-10:00 PM sex time slot

This could be seen as the most effective time of the day to initiate sex with your wife or girlfriend.

By this stage the core duties of both work and house tasks have been completed and it is now time to relax and rejuvenate for the following day and your partner may be more open to your advances.

But just remember that woman get turned on for sex emotionally and if you have not helped with things like dinner, cleaning the kitchen after or spending some time to ask how your wife or girlfriends day was then you may ruin the chances of capitalising on this favourable time slot.
Ok so this brings us to the final time slot which is 10:00-12:00 at night

And whist this is still a common time that couples engage sexually, when considering the back half of this time slot closer 11pm, this is not an ideal time.
most people are asleep or in that final relaxation mode before tackling the day ahead and may be more likely to read a book, watch TV or listen to music before retiring for the night.

So hopefully you are now better educated to decide the best time day for sex with your partner.

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