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In today’s domestic God video I am going to show you the best home cleaning solution that you can use for absolutely any area or surface in your home. This can be the kitchen sink, shower screens, windows, toilet, microwave, fridge, bath, car or bathroom sink.

It doesn’t matter what the surface, this solution will disinfect, clean and make that surface sparkle. In fact, the only area I would not use this solution on is your floors, regardless of whether they are wood, tiled, linoleum or anything else.

I am actually going to offer you two options which are almost identical, except that one is a more environmentally friendly, natural option and the other a more harsh, chemical based option.

Obviously the second option is slightly more effective but they are both very effective so it will just come down to personal preference. The natural option is to combine white vinegar, dish washing liquid and baking soda with water.

Vinegar is a natural product that is a disinfectant with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that is not harmful if inhaled in confined spaces.

Dishwashing liquid is unrivalled in terms of breaking down stubborn grease and grime and has a very pleasant scent. And baking soda  is a versatile domestic superstar which is a cleaning and deodorising agent.

In addition, all these products are very cheap and can be purchased in large quantities. So when you combine there effectiveness with there great value, this is a brilliant cleaning solution to use for all surfaces except floors. The solution proportions would be as follows:

  • Around 65% water,
  • 30% white vinegar,
  • Around 3% dish washing liquid
  • And 2% baking soda.

Keep in mind though that the cheaper the dish washing liquid brand that you buy, the less concentrated it will be so you may need far more dish washing liquid than stated above.

I think the best option is to use this solution out of a bucket with cleaning rags and use the wet and dry strategy of completely submerging the cleaning solution in one rag which you use to scrub and soak the surfaces before being wiped off with dry cleaning rags.

Your second option which is the harsher, but slightly more effective cleaning solution is the exact same ingredients except you substitute cloudy ammonia in place of the white vinegar.

The solution proportions are very different as cloudy ammonia is an incredibly powerful cleaner that must be used in far smaller quantities than the vinegar.

The solution proportion would be more like:

  • 80% water
  • 15% cloudy ammonia
  • 3% dish washing liquid and
  • 2% baking soda.

The way that I would describe ammonia is that it has the cleaning power of bleach, yet it won’t stain or manipulate fabrics such as carpets, clothes or couches if spilt. And it also does not have that hospital like smell of bleach.

Like white vinegar, ammonia is very cheap and a small amount goes a long way. However it is harmful when inhaled in combined spaces and you are best to wear disposable cleaning gloves when using ammonia as it can irritate the skin.

All the products mentioned today are readily accessible at any supermarket and can be purchased in bulk and larger quantities online. I hope you found some value in this video and you can get to work making your house look and smell great and be free of too many nasty germs.

I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow at for my next daily video and if you would like some help or guidance with your image, or you’re wanting  to update or completely overhaul your image and style, you can see a full run down of all my in person and virtual, online men’s style and personal shopping services here at my Image Doctor business website>

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