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Welcome back guys, so in today’s domestic God video we are discussing the best floor cleaning solution. Now I’m all for saving money and using products that work, and not products that have the biggest marketing budget and most clever and catchy ads and infomercials to support and market that product.There’s a million commercial floor cleaning products at the supermarket but in my opinion, my suggestion today is not only cheaper and can be purchased in large quantities to save you money, but this solution is as effective, if not more effective than any other option.I’m going to give you 2 variations, an all natural, chemical free and environmentally safe option which is very effective. And also a more harsh, chemical based option which is slightly more effective.

The all natural option is to simply combine white vinegar, eucalyptus oil and water together and then use whatever type of floor cleaning tool you own to wash the floors. This is very effective as white vinegar is a disinfectant and will also break down the dirt, grease and grime on your floors. White vinegar also dries very quickly which is an important consideration.

Add to that the benefits of eucalyptus oil which is also a disinfect, plus an antiseptic, but most of all, it smells absolutely incredible and in terms of its cleaning and deodorising properties, a little really goes a long way so this is a great value product and white vinegar is also very cheap.

The solution should consist of around one part vinegar to  five or more parts water depending on how dirty the floors are, and then just a small dash of the eucalyptus oil.

The harsher option is exactly the same but instead of adding white vinegar and eucalyptus oil to the water, you replace the whote vinegar with cloudy ammonia and add that to the water and eucalyptus oil .

This is an incredibly effective and potent cleaning agent. The way that I would describe ammonia is that it has the cleaning power of bleach, yet it won’t stain or manipulate fabrics such as carpets, clothes or couches if spilt. And it also does not have that hospital like smell of bleach.

However ammonia is incredibly potent, and can be harmful to inhale or when exposed to the eyes when in confined spaces so it is up to you which option you want to go with but they are both very effective, and very cost effective as ammonia, just like white vinegar is very cheap to purchase.

In terms of the solution quantity of the ammonia, as it is stronger that white vinegar, your solution would be more like one part ammonia to eight to ten parts water, but you may want to create a stronger solution depending on how dirty the surfaces are.

The other point to make is that unlike many commercial products that are not multi purpose, meaning you may require one product for your tiled floors and another for your wooden floors and so on. These solutions I have offered you today will work great on any floors such as timber, tile, cork, linoleum, floating floors or any other flooring types.

That’s it for today’s domestic God video. Just remember that by learning these types of domestic skills and becoming a domestic God, you will in turn increase your chances of reaching God like status as a boyfriend or husband, which will make your partner happier, your relationship stronger, and likely result in you having a more regular and fulfilling sex life.

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