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With men and women now on an even career playing field, an ever increasing emphasis on monetary possessions and the explosion of social media, it can be easy to lose sight of simple blessings in life and care so much about ourselves that we care very little about others.


In a society which for the best part judges success based on possessions, achievements and results, there can be fierce competition to succeed and a mentality of looking out for yourself first and others last.


You may be driving a Toyota Camry and feel shit when you scroll down your Facebook feed and see that your mate has just bought the latest Maserati.


You may have a small boat and feel shit when your brother who you’ve always been competitive with buys a small yacht.


You may be renting or own an apartment and feel shit when your colleague posts a periscope of her doing a tour through the house she just bought.


And you may be able to afford to eat out regularly at local restaurants but get the shits when you scroll down your Instagram feed and that girl from school who you couldn’t stand is taking a picture of each and every course of food she’s received at the expensive and very exclusive restaurant in Town.


But whilst your feeling shit about the car you are lucky enough to own and have access to, there’s many people in today’s society who can’t afford a car and have to use public transport, walk long distances or take the risky and desperate step of hitch hiking.


Whilst your comparing your small boat with your brothers flashy yacht, there are countless people who wouldn’t even have the funds to rent a boat for the afternoon let alone have the thrill of owning one.


Whilst your feeling cramped and unsatisfied in your small apartment, there’s millions of homeless people spending their nights on the streets and just trying to survive bitterly cold nights and make it through another day.


And whilst your feeling shit that you can’t afford to or aren’t exclusive enough to eat at fine dining establishment there are millions of babies, small children and young and old adults who feel shit because they have hunger cramps, no energy and are filled with fear that if they don’t find a way to eat soon or feed their son or daughter then it may be too late.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with chasing success and wanting to constantly better yourself. But don’t lose sight of all the everyday blessings you are fortunate to have which so many others would either kill for, or are dieing from because they aren’t able to access them.


And for gods sake put down your phone, challenge yourself to go 2 days or even 2 weeks without checking a feed, post or picture on social media.


Ladies I know how scary this sounds because you won’t be able to wear a skimpy bikini and use the stock standard and very transparent “take me back” or “hurry up summer” or “what’s with the rain?” hash tags just as an excuse to show off your body for a whole 2 days (and just For the record girls we all know what you’re doing)


And fellas I know you must be concerned about going to the gym and actually having to keep your shirt on and not take a topless gym selfie with the hash tags gainz or shredded or stereoready.


But don’t worry fellas, hours and hours of hard work and or steroids won’t vanish in the 2 days or god forbid 2 weeks you’re not hash tagging about it.


And maybe in those 2 days or 2 weeks you’ll actually have time to stop comparing your life to all those on social media and start to feel more grateful for the possessions you do have and all the fortunate blessings you’ve been taking for granted in your own life.


I strongly urge you all to watch the short video clip I’ve included below and realise how lucky we all are, how unfortunate so many others can be and that you shouldn’t take so much in life for granted.



And I’ll leave you with a powerful quote from the short clip below which is “Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up”.


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