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Hey guys, my names Dan Thomas and essentially, I started this website to give blokes some valuable tools that they may find help to improve different areas of their lives which will hopefully increase their confidence and self worth so they may feel better about themselves.

I literally work around the clock in trying to get my hands on as much beneficial content which I can then decipher, break down and pass on that information to you guys through my daily videos

I gather this content through reading a ton of books, locating and researching different websites, blogs and online articles and watching YouTube videos and documentaries that I purchase or hire on places like iTunes.

As I mentioned, my main motivation behind these efforts is to give you guys valuable content that you feel makes a positive impact in your life. So with this in mind, feel free to contact me by e-mail if there are any questions that you have relating to Mens style and grooming, woman and relationships, sex and attraction, health and domestic skills for taking care of the house.

Based off your questions, I could potentially respond by creating a video on that subject. I will do this using the knowledge I already have about that topic – or if I don’t know the answer then I will go to the effort to research and find the answer for you.

So don’t be shy guys, you can reach me at and I have included that address in the description field below.