Advantages of online grocery shopping

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Welcome back guys, I hope you’re doing well, so in today’s domestic god video we are going to take a look at the advantages of online grocery shopping instead of going to the supermarket in person.

The internet provides so many amazing benefits and conveniences and buying your groceries online can definitely be one of them so let’s take a closer look now.

The first benefit is obvious and that is the convenience, instead of getting in the car and driving however far to the supermarket, battling for a park, walking through all the aisles and maybe running into people you have to make polite conversation with and often all of this with impatient and unsettled children in tow.

And you then  have to drive home and cart all the shopping bags into the house which can often take a number of trips. However when you grocery shop online, not only can you do so from the convenience of your own home and the delivery driver will even carry them right onto your kitchen bench for you.

The next benefit is for your health and weight management. When you shop in person at the supermarket and you reach the chocolate, confectionery, fizzy drink or the ready-made meals aisle, you know that you shouldn’t even enter those aisles, but you convince yourself to just have a little stroll down for some fun and a few minutes later your trolley is half filled with junk food and drink and microwave meals that are certainly convenient, but completely lacking in nutrients but jam packed with preservatives.

It could be seen that ordering your groceries online will limit the amount of impulse buys that you make and be beneficial to maintaining a healthier diet.

The next point is regarding fresh fruit and vegetables. In order to limit customer complaints and any backlash from disgruntled customers, the supermarkets will often send the freshest produce to the customers who order online because having online customers calling up with complaints will increase the resources required for these companies customer service departments which will affect their bottom line.

The next point is that this can be great for many of us clueless guys, I’m sure you have all seen a bloke in the herbs and spices aisle with his wife’s hand written grocery list and he’s just standing there in front of 500 herbs and spices looking very confused.

He can’t ask a store attendant where the spice on his list is located because he can’t even pronounce it’s name so he just stands there for 5 minutes till he finds it. If he was ordering online he could just simply type in the name of whatever product he was looking for and hey presto, a few seconds later it’s in his shopping cart.

The next point would be very much overlooked, but have you noticed that basically every time you go to the supermarket, there is some type of charitable organisation conveniently sitting or standing at the entrance doors asking for your money. Well shop online and you can also avoid this often uncomfortable situation.

And the final point which is the biggest advantage is that you can save money by buying online. Whilst I can only speak for Australian supermarkets, many supermarkets actually offer free delivery, or if they do charge a fee, it is often only in peak delivery times and there are certain delivery time slots that are free.

However, even if you are paying for the delivery, when you consider the fact that supermarkets offer great deals and specials to their online customers, you will not be making impulse buys, you can buy items in bulk that you don’t have to worry about carrying to and from the car and you will not be spending money on petrol, then you will definitely be coming out ahead financially.

Ok so give this some thought and the next time you are due to do your groceries, maybe try doing so online and seeing what your experience is like.

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Take care guys and as always, keep learning and improving

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