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Welcome back guys, so if you’re serious about your style and making good first impressions then owning a lint roller is an absolute must have. There is nothing worse than doing your important business pitch, power point presentation or being on a dinner date and instead of the attendees focusing on your invention, business idea, service offering or the conversation, their eyes are fixed on the cat or dog hair, dandruff, lint or anything else on your suit jacket, blazer or dark shirt or jumper.

 And the other reason you should own a lint roller is that they have other beneficial uses that are not style related, so today I thought we can look at 9 household uses for lint rollers.

 Use #1 is that it can be a quick and easy way to pick up a small, dry spill on the carpet or hard floors such as a powdery food substance, kids craft glitter or anything else. Using the lint roller can save you the hassle of getting out the vacuum cleaner

 Use #2 is that you can do spot cleaning such as removing dust from a lamp shade or your music speakers or any similar such material

Use #3 is that you can run the lint roller through your work, gym or travel bag to get out any loose debris that has accumulated at the bottom of the bag that can get pretty nasty if left for ages.

 Use #4 is that if you get freaked out by bugs around the house like a dead cockroach, spider or ants then you can avoid touching these things and lift them up with the lint roller

 Use #5 is in your car where this works incredibly well and you should always have a lint roller in the passenger compartment of the car. The roller lends itself really well to the fabric of your seats and will prevent anything transferring onto your clothes and you can also get into those edges and nooks and crannies with this bad boy.

 Use #6 is that you can quickly and easily run the lint roller over your couch and arm chair so that you can spoon on the couch free of dust and allergies.

 Use #7 is that if you have a pool or billiard table you can keep that playing surface free of any obstruction or distraction when you’re trying to get bragging rights playing against your mates.

 Use #8 is paper staples in carpet. Now put your hand up if you’ve ever dropped some paper staples onto the carpet. And hand up if you wanted to kill yourself as you tried to pick up each one with your fingers. If your hands are up then use a lint roller to pick them up next time.

 And use #9 is to pick up loose and spilled food particles in the pantry which the roller is really good for and this again may save you the trouble of taking out the vacuum cleaner and plugging it in and putting it away again after your done cleaning up.

 Ok so that is it for today guys, I hope these 9 household uses for lint rollers was helpful. If you don’t have one of these bad boys then go and grab one and put it to good use. I hope you enjoyed today’s video. I look forward to catching up with you at www.improvemant.com tomorrow with my next daily video and until then, keep learning and improving.

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