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I appreciate that the though of willingly jumping into a hot shower seems like a very foreign concept or even a mean form of torture, but doing so can bring with it a variety of health benefits which does put cold showers into the category of NO PAIN, NO GAIN.


With this in mind, today we are going to break down the health and general benefits of cold showers and by the end of this video, you may in fact understand why adopting this daily habit is positive and not just for the crazies out there.


So let’s jump into the 8 benefits of cold showers starting with alertness.




The first reason is that cold showers can increase your energy levels and alertness. When you subject your body to this particularly cold temperature, your body will respond by increasing your depth of breathing which is a natural response that keeps the body warm by increasing the intake of oxygen.


When we breath deeper, our heart rate increases which releases a rush of blood right throughout our bodies. The result of these various physiological changes is a natural kick of energy which can increase your physical and mental alertness throughout the day.


This can be a beneficial way to combat the common signs of lethargy that many people face in the mornings and throughout the working day.




Reason number two is the positive impact that cold showers can have on your metabolism which is a key factor in your ability to lose weight. When you are subject to significantly cold temperatures, your body is forced to regulate it’s body temperature for the duration of the shower and also a period of time afterwards as your body responds to the shock it’s been subject to.


The work the body does in order to perform this regulation recruits the use of many calories which kick starts your bodies calorie burning metabolism early in the morning. Once fired up in this way the fast metabolism can be maintained for the remainder of the day by exercising and also eating small, regular meals.




Reason  number three is the benefits in speeding up the recovery of and reduction of muscle soreness. I’m sure you’ve seen professional athletes on the news who are all hesitantly standing in ocean water in the middle of winter the day after a game or hopping in and out of torturous looking ice baths in the dressing sheds straight after a game.


This is done to help the athletes muscles recover after the strain they have endured during their game. Whilst you may not be a professional athlete, if you exercise daily through cardio and weight resistance training efforts, having a cold shower in the morning and nights will significantly prevent any muscle soreness and speed up your recovery times.




Reason number four is a cold showers ability to train your nervous system to deal with and better handle stressful and difficult situations. When you firs start taking cold showers your body will be in a state of shock, stress and minor panic in the same way that your muscles are when you first begin a regular weight lifting regime.


Just like you can’t lift your muscles the day after working out but your body adapts to this physical stress overtime, so too will your nervous system begin to adapt to the stress and panic the cold temperature is placing on it.


In time your nervous system will strengthen and be able to better handle the daily stresses, anxieties and difficulties that often impact our personality and moods in a drastic way.




Reason number five is that cold showers will result in healthier and better looking skin and hair. I have previously mentioned that having long, hot showers is a men’s grooming mistake as the prolonged heat and steam will dry out your skin and strip essential oils from the pores.


Having cold showers does the exact opposite by constricting blood vessels which tightens your pores resulting in firmer looking skin that retains it’s moisture. Cold showers also keeps your hair looking shinier and stronger by again keeping the natural oils found in your hair and scalps pores in tact.




Reason number six is that the increased blood circulation caused during a cold shower can have positive impacts to your general health. Some of the common benefits of increased blood flow include:

  • Healthier organs, in particular better functioning of the heart
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved immune system functioning which increases the ability to fight off diseases and remain healthier on a more consistent basis
  • Decreased chances of clogged or blocked arteries that can cause strokes and heart attacks




Reason number seven is that reports have suggested long, hot showers and baths can decrease a man’s sperm count and have a negative effect on his level of fertility. In direct contrast, cold showers and baths have been shown to increase a man’s sperm count and therefore improve his level of fertility.




And reason number eight is the mental toughness that committing to this daily habit can develop. There is no point in sugar coating the fact that cold showers are not pleasant, particularly first thing in the morning after having just dragged yourself out of bed.


Committing to this habit on a daily basis despite the difficulty involved will create the habit of mental discipline and strength which can flow onto other areas of your life. Knowing you can subject yourself to an unpleasant, but highly beneficial experience first thing in the morning can give you more confidence and strength to tackle other challenging tasks throughout the rest of your day.


As you can see from all the points above, cold showers do provide many benefits despite being uncomfortable and even unpleasant to endure. This fact alone can be enough to deter you from taking part in order to gain the many benefits. Or cold showers could be viewed as yet another example that anything worth having comes with a certain level of resistance and difficulty that is necessary in order to reap the rewards.


And in my opinion, being reminded of this crucial fact on a daily basis could play a significant role in strengthening your resolve and persistence which can increase your ability to be more successful in life.


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