Hey guys, Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and Improvemant.com and stay tuned to learn 7 style accessories men should keep in their car at all times.


A truly stylish man is organised and prepared and if you want to take your style and image management to the next level then there’s 7 men’s style accessories every man needs in his car at all times.




Item number one is a lint roller as car seats are like magnets for fluff, dust and a range of other air borne particles that will end up on your clothing and detract from the first impressions you create.

Buy a lint roller and keep it in your glove box on a permanent basis and before you lock your car, stand up outside the car and run the lint roller over all areas of your clothing to make sure you’re lint free and looking sharp.




Item number 2 is magnetic collar stays which every man must own which includes a few pairs in your wardrobe or bedroom drawers and a spare pair in your car.

I’ve listed and linked in the description field below to a dedicated video I shot which demonstrates how magnetic collar stays work, but essentially magnetic collar stays are an ingenious men’s style invention that keeps your dress shirt collar up right, in place and looking neat and tidy all day.

The reason you want to keep a spare pair in your car is because you may realise once you’ve left the house that you forgot to insert your magnetic collar stays. You can then just reach into your glove box and put yourself back in the .5% of men who make the effort to look sharp in all areas of their image.




Item number 3 is tweezers which are a personal grooming car must have!! Nothing and I mean nothing will kill a first date, client meeting or investor pitch like a man sporting stray mono-brow hairs in between his 2 full eyebrows.

Keep a pair of tweezers in the car at all times and form the habit of checking in between your eyebrows for any stray hairs before you exit your car. If you see any then just grab the tweezers and pluck those first impression killers out!!



Item number 4 is nail clippers. Long nails look creepy and demonstrate a lack of care and effort in your personal grooming and image. Form the habit of noticing your nails whilst driving as they are in front of you on the steering wheel. If you notice your nails are too long then use your car nail clippers to cut them shorter.

I’ve listed and linked in the description field below a previous video I shot in which I explained using images the correct length a mans finger nails should be.




Item number 5 is one or more thick wooden or sturdy plastic coat hangers that have wide and thick top edges to correctly support and fill out the shoulders of your jackets and coats.


If you’re wearing a suit jacket, sports coat, blazer or overcoat then you typically take it off when driving. You don’t want to just throw that item in the back seat where it’s shape can be distorted and compromised whilst also picking up fluff, lint, dust, dirt, sand and anything else that may be on your car seats.

By hanging that item or items up on sturdy hangers which you leave permanently in the car the integrity, shape and cleanliness of your suit jacket, blazer or coats will be maintained long term.




Item number 6 is breath mints or even mouthwash. If you’re driving to meet a date, an existing, new or potential client then you better hope your breath smells good.


If it doesn’t you want to have some strong mints or mouthwash that’s always in the car and replaced once used to ensure you never ruin an important meeting or date with your stank breath!!




And item number 7 is a good quality nose and ear hair grooming tool which has the specific nose and ear trimming tool attachment. That attachment can be placed inside both your ears and nostrils to remove the stray hairs that I can guarantee will negatively impact your first impressions in a massive way!


In terms of a car specific nose and ear grooming tool, you want to buy a battery operated model and keep a box of the appropriate batteries in your car which you replace once used. So there we have it fellas, 7 must have men’s style accessories you need to keep in your car at all times in order to maintain your position as a dapper, image conscious man.


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