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The first conversation starter is to simply ask your date if she has any siblings. This is a tried and tested question and is a good option because it suggests you are family orientated and have an interest in her family dynamic.


Whilst some people may not be close with their siblings,  most people like to talk about their family members and generally have some good stories about their childhoods together or their current relationships so use this question to get the ball rolling and start painting a picture about your dates life and those that play a part in it.




Conversation starter number two is to ask her a fun, hypothetical question that will actually give you an insight into her interests and personality. Ask your date the question “if you could ask any 3 famous people to dinner, who would they be and what restaurant would you go to?”.


Whilst this is a light hearted question, in most cases it will reveal areas that are of interest to the lady which you can then use as conversation topics to expand on and create new pathways of discussion.




Conversation starter number three is to simply ask what your date spends her weekends and free time doing. This may not be the most original question in the world but it’s a necessary topic that needs to be discussed.


Whilst first date conversation should be kept light and fun, you do want to do a bit of digging to see of you share any common interests and comparability and asking her how she spends her weekends and free time is a simple and effective way of uncovering any shared interests.




Conversation starter number four is to ask if she has any first date horror stories. Most of us have had a first date we would rather forget at the time, but once the scars of this bad experience have healed we can generally see the funny side of the experience.


Asking her to recount her horror story is sure to bring some humor to the date and you will likely learn a few things to avoid yourself if your first date turns into a second and third.


She will be sure to ask about your horror first date stories too. So between both your stories, this is sure to bring some humor and fun to the date.




Conversation starter number five is a bit risky, but could pay off and be a great first date conversation topic. You can ask her something along the lines of “what is something not many people know about you”.


Your date then has the choice to answer something quite personal if she feels comfortable with you, but can also just answer something less personal that is more funny than it is serious and personal.


Either way, it’s a bit different and unique and if she does open up and offer a more personal insight, doing so is likely to create a stronger personal and emotional connection for the 2 of you to build upon.


So keep these 5 first date conversation topics in mind to avoid any of those dreaded long pauses and awkward silences that we all fear on a first or early stage date.



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