30 Highest calorie foods


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Welcome back guys, for today’s health video I have put together a list of the 30 highest calorie foods that you can be mindful of if you are trying to be conscious of your weight.

Now I generally steer clear of getting into great detail regarding  nutritional topics because I feel this area can be a real minefield as I am not a professional dietitian or nutritionist. The scary thing though is that even within that professional realm, it’s an area full of varying opinions and contradictions.

This list is common sense and will be as true in 1000 years as it is today when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. The simple principle for maintaining your body weight is that the amount of energy your body exerts per day through exercise and activity must be higher than the amount of energy your body consumes through food and liquid.

If the energy intake is higher than the energy output, your body will store that additional energy as stored fat throughout your body.

There are endless debates, information and confusion that falls outside of this fact, but at the end of the day, if you can be mindful of avoiding the foods that are the most calorie dense, along with implementing a very regular exercise regime then the battle is more than half won.

I have listed the 30 highest calorie foods and I have listed the calories per 100 grams for each food and also converted and listed the kilojoule number for each food per 100 grams so that you have both energy metrics available to you.

I have also included the 10 highest calorie and kilojoule liquids after the food list. I have started with the highest calorie foods and worked down to the lowest:

  • OLIVE OIL is the highest with 884 calories or 3700 kilojoules. It is worth noting though that it is unlikely you will be consuming 100 grams of olive oil at one or a few sittings per day but still be mindful of this when cooking with oil, particularly deep and even shallow frying.
  • BUTTER  has 734 calories or 3070 kilojoules
  • PEANUT BUTTER has 580 calories or 2430 kilojoule
  • NUTS  have 567 calories or 2370 kilojoules
  • PACKAGED CHIPS have 547 calories or 2290 kilojoules
  • NUTELLA has 520 calories or 2175 kilojoules
  • CHOCOLATE has 520 calories or 2175 kilojoules
  • SUGARY CEREALS SUCH AS GRANOLA has 489 calories or 2050 kilojoules
  • DOUGHNUTS have 452 calories or 1891 kilojoules
  • MOVIE POPCORN has 430 calories or 1780 kilojoules. And take note of this food and the amount that you actually consume in one sitting at the cinema which is almost always considerably more than 100 grams.
  • PACKAGED COOKIES AND BISCUITS have 405 calories or 1695 kilojoules
  • SALAD DRESSING has 390 calories or 1632 kilojoules
  • PANCAKES have 376 calories or 1573 kilojoules
  • PASTA has 357 calories or 1494 kilojoules
  • CHEESE has 334 calories or 1400 kilojoules
  • DRIED FRUIT has 334 calories or 1400 kilojoules
  • BEEF SAUSAGE has 332 calories or 1390 kilojoules
  • FRENCH FRIES have 331 calories or 1380 kilojoules
  • WHOLE MEAL BREAD has 306 calories or 1280 kilojoules
  • BACON has 304 calories or 1272 kilojoules
  • PORK has 260 calories or 1090 kilojoules
  • WHIPPED CREAM has 257 calories or 1075 kilojoules
  • ICE CREAM has 201 calories or 841 kilojoules
  • POTATO has 198 calories or 828 kilojoules
  • SALMON has 159 calories or 665 kilojoules
  • YOGHURT has 149 calories or 625 kilojoules
  • WHOLE EGGS have 147 calories or 615 kilojoules
  • BROWN RICE has 112 calories or 470 kilojoules
  • SAUCES/CONDIMENTS has 103 calories or 431 kilojoules
  • BANANAS have 89 calories or 375 kilojoules
  • FULL STRENGTH BEER has 43 calories or 180 kilojoules
  • LIGHT BEER has 29 calories 121
  • PRE MIXED DRINKS have 322 calories or 1347 kilojoules
  • RED AND WHITE WINE has 82 calories or 334
  • SPIRITS LIKE WHISKEY, RUM, VODKA etc ranged between 240 calories to 290 calories which does not include any mixer such as soft drink or juice. This converted to between 1000 and 1200 kilojoules
  • FRUIT JUCE contains 42 calories or 176 kilojoules
  • SODAS AND COLA contains 32 calories or 134 kilojoules

One other point I wanted to highlight was that besides potato, you may have noticed that the list was void of any vegetables which is yet another reason to consume ample amounts of vegetables on a daily basis.

Thanks so much for tuning in today which I really appreciate, and I hope this video was beneficial for you, if so it would be great if you like and my video and go ahead and subscribe to this channel so you can see my daily videos.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at w.w.w.improvemant.com for my next daily video and until then keep learning and improving.


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