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Ahhhh Tinder, the “dating app” that’s helping loveless and luckless men, women, virgins, love rats. players and hopeless romantics all across the globe whilst increasing band aid sales due to skinless thumbs. Downloading and actively using the Tinder app means you are always just one swipe away from your next first date, sexting session, girlfriend, one night stand or friend with benefits.


But it’s not all smooth sailing on planet Tinder. It’s a land filled with many pitfalls and trip wires which are mainly in the form of fake accounts, resourceful call girls and escorts, expertly/deceiving photo selections and phone heists which leads you to talking dirty with the friends, housemates or family members of a cute girl because their single and want to know what the Tinder fuss is all about.


So today we are delving into all of the Tinder mistakes guys make that should be avoided on your  quest for love, sex or losing your virginity. We have 25 Tinder mistakes to get though so let’s jump straight into it.





Mistake number one is parking your Toyota Camry next to a Ferrari Testarossa. If you’ve got a really good looking mate who the ladies love, don’t choose photos in which you and him are standing side by side. This is only going to cause disappointment for the girl when she realises you’re not the Brad Pitt lookalike.


Be strategic with your pictures and have the soul goal of appearing as attractive as possible. It’s Tinder guys, it’s an app driven purely by physicality so don’t be foolish and think that looks don’t count.




Mistake number two is choosing poor quality photos that are grainy or blurry. Doing so looks suspicious and women may think that your account is actually fake.




Mistake number three is choosing photos that are several years old and don’t accurately represent how you currently look. Most people are time poor these days and finding the time to go on dates can be a challenge. If your photos are deceiving, don’t be surprised if your date is really pissed off or just does a U-Turn and walks out the door.




Mistake number four is choosing photos in which your surrounded by women or even just standing next to one very attractive women. Girls will be put off by this and potentially view you as a player or an intimidating guy who is accustomed to only dating very attractive girls.




Mistake number five is including topless photos or gym selfies. If you workout hard and have huge muscles and rippling abs that’s awesome and you should be proud of the dedication and commitment needed to obtain a good body. But you’re on Tinder to impress women, and you’ve got about 3 seconds to do so.


And despite what you may think, your shirtless pics are going to do the opposite of impress her. Whilst women are attracted to fit guys with good bodies, there not attracted to guys who advertise this through there tinder photos.


Instead of thinking your fit and sexy, she will think there’s no point swiping right and becoming second best to your gym workouts, never being able to eat junk food with you and having to deal with your protein powder farts on a constant basis.




Mistake number six is choosing photos in which you are very poorly dressed and looking like a slob. Women find well dressed guys sexy and poorly dressed guys unattractive so either make an effort to dress well or don’t be surprised if your tinder folder is empty.




Mistake number seven is the inclusion of photos that are taking with a sedated animal which is most commonly a lion or tiger. I’m sorry to break it to you fellas but you’re not the only dudes who have gone to a zoo in Thailand. Bali or the Gold Coast!!




Mistake number eight is having any pictured that are selfies, this is especially the case if the selfie was taken with a selfie stick. If I was the CEO of Tinder Inc, the first rule change I would put in place would be a one month suspension for any male with a selfie photo and a life ban for any males who’ve used a selfie stick to take any photos.




Mistake number nine is when all of your photos are group shots. People use tinder in a rapid fire motion and end up in a Tinder trance where the outside world stops and their left or right swipes are being made on auto pilot.


And nothing interrupts a Tinder trance faster than group photos that don’t make it clear who the account holder is. A broken Tinder trance results in one and only one action and that’s an aggressive swipe to the left.




Mistake number ten is photos of you holding a baby. Whilst you think you’re coming across as the sweet uncle or godfather, she’s having mental images of changing the nappy of another chicks baby and five or six years ahead when the once cute baby is now screaming “you can’t tell me what to do, you’re not my mum”!!




Mistake number eleven is wearing sunnies in all your pics. If a lady can’t see your eyes, she will label you a creep, pedophile or wonder how poorly maintained your bushy eyebrows are. In case you didn’t realise, none of these assumptions are going to make her swipe right.


#12 – CORNY BIO 


Mistake number twelve is having a bio that is filled with corny motivational quotes. It’s Tinder guys, not a personal development forum so keep your bio light and fun.




With the last mistake in mind, mistake number thirteen is having a really serious bio that outlines your life story and everything you are wanting to achieve in the next 5 years. It’s not RSVP or match.com, most people have come to Tinder for an escape and some fun and your bio should reflect the same.



Mistake number fourteen is when you get hypnotized by swiping left so many times that you swipe left when you really wanted to swipe right and start procrastinating that the girl you accidentally swiped left for was the one that got away or exactly what you were looking for.


If you want to avoid the heart break and devastation associated with the all too familiar left swipe hypnotism, you need to slow down, take a breath between swipes and make sure your swipe mistakes are kept to a minimum.


#15 – REV HEADS 


Mistake number fifteen is any image where you are leaning up against a sports car. We get it guys, you drive a cool car!!




Mistake number sixteen is any photos involving firarms or gang symbols using your fingers. This includes photos of you shooting a gun, or worse still standing there proudly holding a gun like it’s your first born child.


Regarding what type of gang symbols you are throwing up, women are not picky about this and are equally turned off regardless of whether you represent the east or west side.




Mistake number seventeen is the use of consistently poor spelling, grammar and punctuation. This is not appreciated by women so keep a dictionary near by, make best friends with spell check and ensure that you know the difference between your and you’re.




Mistake number eighteen is meeting up with a girl in person who’s photo’s are all strictly above the neck without first adding her on Instagram or Facebook. This is a mistake you will only make once so make sure that you ask her social media profile names so you can photo stalk her first.




Mistake number nineteen is having excessive cat and dog pics. One or two tasteful pet pics are sweet and cute, but there’s a fine line between proud pet owner and creepy cat guy so make sure you find the happy medium.




Mistake number twenty is using a lame opening line like “hey” or “how are you” if you do match. You want to stand out and be fun so check out the video I have included in the description field below which is a previous video I posted with the best Tinder opening lines.




Mistake number twenty one is being too naughty too quickly with your messages once you do match. If you’re on Tinder for sex or hook ups, that’s fine and there may be girls looking for the same thing, but this doesn’t mean these women aren’t still wanting to be shown common respect and decency.


In a metaphorical sense, you want to wine and dine a lady using good banter that involves funny and interesting conversation before making your Tinder intentions known.


#22 – ONLY 1 PHOTO 


Mistake number twenty two is only having one photo. This gives off a very suspicious vibe and may result in women assuming your account is fake.




Mistake number twenty three is having a bio that reads like a long wish list of exactly what your turn on’s and turn offs are. It’s fine to state what you’re looking for in a short and succinct manner, but going into incredibly fine detail will make you seem overbearing and too picky to be using the more light hearted Tinder app.


#24 – 20 QUESTIONS 


Mistake number twenty four is making a lady feel like she is being interviewed rather than having a fun conversation once you have matched. The conversation should be fun and non threatening so make sure you don’t play 20 questions with any of your matches.




Mistake number twenty five is having endless back and forth chats with a girl and not asking her to meet in person. This will  make you appear as hesitant, unassertive and lacking in confidence which are all unattractive traits in the eyes of women.


So there we have it fellas, you now have no excuses to come across poorly on Tinder!! I want you to use the 25 mistakes above as your very own personal check list to ensure that your Tinder profile and actions are on point and you are giving yourself the best chance of finding love or new sexual encounters.


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