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Fiber is really a forgotten hero in the diet and nutrition choices that many people make. Protein and healthy fats tend to receive the majority of the consideration and attention but many experts will tell you that fiber is as important, if not more important than any other nutritionally category.


I previously posted an in depth video on the benefits of a high fiber diet which I have included in the description field below for you. Before I list the X highest fiber foods let me just refresh your memory with some of the key benefits of adding fiber to your daily meal plan.


  • Fiber is very filling which means that it can aid in weight management and decrease snacking in between meals
  • Controls and lowers blood cholesterol levels
  • Maintain digestive health and ward off the development of hemorrhoids
  • Prevention of serious health issues including heart disease, diabetes and stroke
  • Regulation of kidney functioning
  • And prevents constipation and promotes smooth bowel movements


Let’s now look at the highest fiber foods and keep in mind that you want to aim to consume at least 35 grams of fiber per day in order to achieve the health benefits listed above.







#1 – BRAN


Bran is the stand out performer when it comes to fiber pack for your punch. As an example, one standard serving of the well known Kellogg’s All Bran cereal includes close to half of your daily fiber requirements and one whole cup of bran actually includes a staggering 60 grams of fiber.




Lentils are very underutilised by the majority of people which is a shame because they are a very complete nutritional source including high fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates. In terms of fiber, lentils pack over 16 grams of fiber per cup.


#3 – BEANS


A variety of beans are an incredible source of fibre and I have included some of the most commonly found beans and there fiber count per cup below:

  • Most commercial cans of baked beans use navy beans which have a whopping 19 grams of fiber per cup or 75% of your daily fiber requirement. But keep in mind that commercial baked beans are also swimming in a sugary sauce so you would be better off consuming beans in their raw state if possible
  • Pinto beans contain over 15 grams of fiber per cup
  • Black beans also contain around 15 grams of fiber per cup
  • And kidney beans contain 13 grams of fiber per cup




Avocado contains a surprising 16 grams of fiber per cup which is yet another benefit of this very tasty food.




Chick peas have become far more recognised as very complete sources of nutrition including over 12 grams of fiber per serve as well as good amounts of protein and complex carbs.


However the lesser known split pea actually offers an even higher amount of fiber per cup with over 16 grams per cup which is around 65% of your daily fiber requirement.




Squash is better known as a sport but is also a vegetable and one of the highest sources of fiber with 10 grams of fiber per cup which provides close to a third of your daily fiber requirement.


#7 – GUAVA


The exotic fruit guava contains over 10 grams of fiber per cup which is an added bonus of this sweet tasting fruit.




These sweet and enjoyable foods each have 8 grams of fiber per cup and can be eaten alone or added to yoghurt, cereal, or included in juices and smoothies.




Sweet potatoes taste great, are seen as a healthier alternative to white potatoes and also contain around 8 grams of fiber per cup.




Artichokes are not a very widely used fruit but actually contain over 7 grams of fiber per cup. So grab an artichoke the next time you go shopping and see if you like the taste.


#11 – FENNEL


Fennel is a lesser known vegetable that packs over 7 grams of fiber per cup and is a good base ingredient for a variety of salads, dips and even soup.




Wholewheat spaghetti contains just over 6 grams of fiber per cup which is good considering that pasta is often consumed in relatively large amounts in certain meals such as spaghetti bolognese.


#13 – QUINOA


Quinoa has fast grown as a very popular food for the variety of health benefits it provides, one of which is the fiber count of over 5 grams per cup.




Oats, also referred to as cooked porridge is a favorite breakfast choice for many and a great choice with around 4 grams of fiber per cup and is also a well know aid in reducing cholesterol.




Brown rice is a much healthier choice than the often preferred white rice and also offers around 4 grams of fiber per cup.


So you now have a list of 15 foods that you should actively incorporate into your diet which will benefit your overall health and ensure that you are reaching the minimum requirement of 35 grams of fiber per day.


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