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Tinder is sweeping the nation/planet and any single person who doesn’t use this app is kidding themselves!! But there is a right and a wrong way to use this glorious app, and this is never more true than with the photos you select to use as your introduction to the Tinder world.


Let’s get real for a second and make sure that everyone is clear that Tinder is perhaps the most superficial activity that single people take part in. Swiping right or left is a decision based purely on the physicality of your potential future girlfriend, wife, friend with benefits or one night stand.


And if you choose to disregard this fact or think this is not the case then do so at your own Tinder risk!! So given how superficial Tinder is, obviously your profile photos are critical. In fact your profile photos are all that stands between  you being single VS taken, a virgin VS having popped your cherry or being on a drought VS having regular sex.


As an image consultant, I am constantly preaching the importance of making a strong first impression to my Image Doctor clients, and this is also the case on the very superficial Tinder app where you are competing with thousands of other men who may be smart enough to ensure they are choosing well thought out images which create strong first impressions to those who view them.


In order to increase your chances of being a successful Tinder participant, I have put together this helpful video and article to explain exactly what photos to avoid using on your Tinder profile.


I’m confident if you show this video or article to a female friend or family member, she will clarify that these photo choices are detrimental to your chances of Tinder success so let’s jump into this list shall we.






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The first tinder photo to avoid is any faceless photos that are only showing a certain part of your body. We are all time poor and most people use Tinder in a very rushed fashion and don’t want to wonder if your face is as attractive as whatever  body part is on display in your photo.







The next Tinder snap to avoid are those that I will deem as bragging photos. A good example of a bragging photo would be standing on a bodybuilding stage shirtless holding up a trophy. Whilst your achievement is great, choosing this type of photo as one of 5 or so Tinder images may  paint you as somewhat vain or conceited.





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The next Tinder photo to avoid is any poor quality images that are blurry, grainy or taken in very poor light. If your photos are very poor quality, you are likely to look less attractive and may even cause women to wonder if your account is in fact a fake.





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The next Tinder photo to avoid is the dreaded selfie. Honestly no grown male adult should be taking selfies and posting them on any public forum and this includes Tinder. And honestly guys, if you own a selfie stick then you need to have a long, hard and serious think about your entire life.


And just so we are clear, the unforgivable selfie presents it’s ugly head in 2 forms which is the outstretched arm selfie and the even worse bathroom mirror reflection selfie.





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Regarding our next Tinder snap to avoid, if Taylor Swift is popular on Itunes and Kanye West is popular on lists of the biggest wankers in showbiz, men taking photos with sedated tigers is certainly very popular on Tinder.


We get it guys, you’ve been to a zoo in Thailand, Bali or the Gold Coast. I hate to break it to you fellas, but this is nothing rare or unique so do yourself a favor and ditch the tiger pics.





photo credit to http://guysholdingfishontinder.tumblr.com/



And keeping on the theme of animals and Tinder photos to avoid, I also suggest you replace the popular big catch pics of guys proudly holding up a big fish that they have caught. Whilst this is a great achievement, it’s not exactly setting girls hearts on fire.





photo credit to http://www.smartsnobs.com/



The next Tinder snap to avoid is any shots that involve you and gorgeous women. If you want women to think that you’re a player or spend all your time with women that she will be competing against or comparing herself to then leave these photos active on your profile.


However if you want to increase your chances of women swiping right then delete any photos in which your with a girl or surrounded by many.





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The next Tinder photo to avoid is group shots. When you choose your photos you need to be thinking about the recipient above all else. The bottom line is that you want to make the decision of swiping right as easy and effortless as possible for the recipient.


And making her sift through 3 group photos before getting to a single photo is only going to cause her to wonder which one you are which won’t be a good user experience for her.


The other big risk with group photos is the fact that the people around you may be much better looking than you. This can cause disappointment once the girl discovers that you are the Jack Black look alike and not the Ryan Gosling look alike that she was hoping you were.


So if you’re a Honda Accord then don’t park yourself in between a Lambo and Porscha.





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The next Tinder shot to avoid is the dreaded firearm photo. I can’t believe it’s necessary for me to even bring this up, but for the absolutely clueless males out there, or the guys that think women want a man that can protect them, this doesn’t mean protection via the use of semi automatic weapons or hand guns that were fired whilst in a Thailand shooting range and more than likely under the influence.



#10 – CARS 


Tinder Sports Car

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The next Tinder shots to avoid are the rev head pics in which guys are proudly sitting in or leaning up against their fully sick, hotted up cars (or worse still is a photo of just your car without you in the shot)


Let’s face facts for a second here, many guys are on Tinder for sex, and many girls think that guys are substituting small penises with big cars so leading with your hectic, lowered car is actually not going to do much for your sex life fellas.





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The next Tinder photos to avoid are any that display you topless, when being topless was not necessary. Before filming this video I racked my brain to come up with necessary occasions to be shirtless and apart from surfing or competing at a swimming meet, I really can’t think of any suitable occasions so I suggest you just avoid these shots altogether because girls love ripped bodies but a douchebag who posts his ripped body on a public forum is very repulsive to women.



#12 – “IT’S MY NEPHEW”


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I’m going to keep the next suggestion of which Tinder snaps to avoid very simple. If any of your images require you to say “FYI it’s my nephew” or “BTW it’s my god daughter” in your bio then you should replace that photo.


Many people don’t read the bios and only look at the photos so you’re running the risk of people thinking the children in your photos are actually your children and whilst this is  not a problem for many, the reality is that it may be a problem for some.





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The next Tinder pic to avoid should be self explanatory but I’m confident many guys are committing the mistake of displaying Tinder pics which show them in a heavily intoxicated state. These photos are doing you nothing but harm so do yourself a favor and replace them immediately.





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And now for the final Tinder photo to avoid which is the grand Daddy of all photos that are ruining your chances of girls swiping right and dramatically increasing the chances of girls swiping left.


This will unfortunately come as a shock to the many dudes who are pumping iron daily and guzzling protein shakes like the governments about to ban them. I’m deeply sorry to deliver this earth shattering news to you fellas, but girls don’t like your gym selfies.


Whilst your standing there flexing, sweating, popping your veins out and thinking she will be imagining how amazing you are in bed, she’ll be busy swiping left and thinking what a shame it is you didn’t have normal photos because you are a good looking dude.


Whilst most girls do like muscly bodies, most girls will find your gym selfies as vain, conceited and have them thinking they will always come second best to your gym schedule. Do yourself a favor and replace those gym selfies with some more light hearted and fun photos.


So be sure to cross reference all your current Tinder photos against these various Tinder photos to avoid and replace any images that are on the list above and you will be giving your chances of Tinder success a big nudge in the right direction.


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