13 Hiccup cures

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Welcome back guys, today I’m tackling a topic that I think at one time or another we will all be faced with and which can be very frustrating to deal with.

I’m talking about hiccups which are one of those things that we all fear getting when we are at the cinema, in an important meeting at work or on a first date with a cute girl.So let’s first start with the reason why you actually get the hiccups before discussing 13 hiccup cures.

A hiccup is a result of muscles in the diaphragm going into spasm which causes the vocal cords to snap shut which creates the hiccup sound. Some of the reasons for hiccups is eating or drinking too quickly, fizzy drinks, alcohol, excessive cigarette smoking, chewing gum, sudden weather or temperature changes and as an emotional response to nerves or anxiety.

These are generally the short terms causes of hiccups, however if you have more persistent and long term hiccups then this may be a sign of more serious issues involving the brain such as stroke, tumours and infections.

We will now going to take a look at the possible hiccup cures and it’s important to note that these suggestions are only for the short term hiccups that last less than 48 hours. There are many weird and wonderful suggested treatments so I’m going to list quite a few just so that you have as many options available to you.

Please also note that if I don’t explain the reason for a particular treatment, it’s because it does not necessarily have a scientific basis but it’s just been tried and tested to work in practice.

The 1st treatment option is to drink a teaspoon of undiluted vinegar which has been said to stop hiccups in its track.

Treatment #2 is to inhale a very deep breath, whilst holding in that breath and not exhaling, you want to try and inhale as deeply as you can again, and hold that breath in once more, and just continue to do this as many times as possible until you are forced to exhale. At the end of that process hopefully your hiccups are gone.

Treatment #3 is to place a teaspoon of something very sweet or sour in your mouth. This is because a specific nerve in the diaphragm called the vagus nerve is at play when we have the hiccups and apparently overloading the mouth with sweet or sour substances such as a teaspoon of sugar can tickle the vagus nerve and spark it back into performing it’s normal function. Whatever sweet or sour substance you put in your mouth, try and keep it right at the back of your tongue.

Treatment #4 is to eat a spoonful of peanut butter. Because of peanut butters consistency and texture, it takes effort within your mouth to chew and remove from the tongue and teeth and this effort interrupts the breathing pattern which can rid you of the hiccups.

Treatment #5 is actually a little uncomfortable but apparently effective. You want to try and open your mouth but continue breathing normally for up to 3 minutes but you can’t close your mouth and lips in that time.

Treatment #6 is to stick one finger in each ear but not too far down. The vagus nerve I mentioned earlier also connects to our auditory system so stimulating the ears can trigger the vagus nerve into action.

Treatment #7 is actually a treatment you can provide to somebody suffering from the hiccups. If you can find a way to scare the daylights out of that person, this can overwhelm their vagus nerve and clear the hiccups.

Treatment #8 is to eat or drink something crazy hot like tobacco or hot sauce or go all out and eat a raw chilli, apparently the distraction of dealing with this torment will cure the hiccups.

Treatment #9 is to eat something that is very dry which would normally be combined with milk or water such as hot chocolate powder, chocolate milo, weet-bix or anything similar. The great difficulty of chewing and swallowing such foods can remove the hiccups.

Treatment #10 is to try and stretch your diaphragm by pretending to make your belly button reach in and touch your spine and once you can’t suck in any further, hold it for 3o seconds and then exhale. If you do this up to 5 times the hiccups should be gone.

Now don’t ask me why, but treatment #10 is to get 2 seats, sit yourself on one and put a glass of water in a plastic cup on the other seat in front of you. Now using only your mouth with your hands behind your back, tilt the cup back and drink out of the glass as much as you can without spilling it. The focus and concentration required is said to be able to alleviate the hiccups.

Treatment #11 is to actively swallow air and force yourself to burp, do this repeatedly till the hiccups cease.

Treatment #12 is an option that you can perform for somebody suffering the hiccups which is to tickle them as the distraction of dealing with the torment of being tickled can cure the hiccups.

And treatment #13 is what you may have seen in the movies when people are breathing in and out into a brown paper bag when they are in a panic. Apparently this is also effective for stopping hiccups.

Ok that’s it for this comprehensive list of possible hiccup cures of the short term variety.  I hope this was helpful and if the hiccups are becoming a persistent issue then be sure to consult your doctor.


Thanks so much tuning in and I’m looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow at www.improvemant.com  for my next daily video and in the meantime guys, keep learning and improving.



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