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Today’s video and article is one for the guys who may have just been dumped or are down in the dumps because all their mates have girlfriends and wives but they are still single.


In some ways, I believe that society, TV, movies and books have conditioned some people to feel that being single can only be a negative and that you can’t be truly happy unless you are sharing your life with somebody else.


Whilst this video is certainly not made to try and claim that being single is better than being in a relationship, it is definitely made to try and remind guys of the many benefits of being single so that you can make the most of this time instead of feeling down on yourself.


If you’re a single guy and wanting to attract women, being miserable and complaining about being single will only harm your chances. Women have almost magical powers when it comes to reading guys body language and their energy and the old saying of “I can smell the desperation” is definitely true when it comes to a woman’s instinctive ability to pick up on such things.


You want to appear as though you are happy and enjoying your life so that a lady wants to be apart of it so let’s go over the benefits of being single so that you may approach this time in your life with more enjoyment and start appearing as a happier and  more attractive guy.


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Think about the typical Friday and Saturday night activities of those in relationships. Movie nights and take away, cinema and popcorn and dessert, eating out at restaurants that have amazing, yet unhealthy food.


It’s actually proven that over 60% of those in relationships gain weight after they have commenced dating. This means that single people are statistically in better shape and potentially have better health which are 2 very important benefits to have.




Now I’m sure there are women out there somewhere who also fanatically support the same sports team as you, love watching action movies or spending the weekends at hardware stores and visiting car dealerships with no intention of buying anything.


But for those of us who have not yet found these illusive unicorns, I don’t think we are holding much hope of finding her anytime soon, if ever. What’s more likely is that if we want her to come to the footy on Friday night, we might have to go to a musical on the Saturday night.


If we want to watch the latest Dwayne, The Rock Johnson action movie at the cinema, chances are the next trip to the cinema will be to see  Rom Com. If we want her to come to the hardware store then we will likely have to go via a nursery and if we want to go to the car dealership then you will have to go to one that has a furniture store nearby.


Whilst compromise is a necessary element of all relationships, it can be nice to be single and only have yourself and your own priorities to worry about.




Whilst there is no point pretending you don’t miss the cuddles and regular sex that comes with being in a steady relationship. One thing that is better is the good nights sleep you get as a single guy.


Whilst this would not be the case for all, generally speaking we all sleep better when we are alone and not subject to being woken up by another person making noise, moving through the  night or getting up to go to the bathroom.


So when you wake up well rested and rejuvenated to take on a new day, you might want to consider how being single has contributed to that good nights sleep.



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Whilst this is not a bad thing, there is no doubt that relationships eat into your personal time and the ability you have to develop or enjoy a hobby you may have.


So if you are single, use some of your spare time to develop a skill or talent that will appeal to women when you do start dating. This may be learning a language, taking cooking or dancing classes or just using your time to do things that you love and may not have had time to do when in previous relationships.




An inevitable side effect of having a serious, committed relationship is that the time you have to spend with your mates is compromised due to the effort and commitment required to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.


So make the most of your free time to strengthen the friendships you have with your mates as you may not always need a girlfriend or wife, but you will always need your mates.




Many guys get quite anxious about going on dates and may find them more difficult than enjoyable. This is generally a fear of not being able to maintain conversation and be able to make her laugh or keep her interested and entertained.


The thing is though, making effective conversation is a skill that can be improved the more you do it. If you make the effort to date regularly and treat the dates as an opportunity to develop your communication skills, rather than treat them like a big scary interview or opportunity to be rejected, you will develop your conversation skills and begin to enjoy your dates regardless of whether the girl is someone you want to date seriously.







Does this sound familiar? “Huny make sure you don’t make any plans on Saturday the 15th, it’s my  mothers/brothers/fathers/grandma’s/nieces/best friends/god son’s/boss’s birthday party that day/night”.


Generally these are activities that the boyfriend or husband would prefer not to attend and as a single man you don’t have to.




Whilst I hate to get all glum and dark on you, but statistic don’t lie and over 50% of marriages end in divorce. What’s often overlooked is the fact that the remaining percentage of couples that stay together may be doing so for religious or financial reasons or because they fear change or don’t want to risk disrupting their children’s happiness and welfare.


Whilst you may not be as happy as you hoped as a single man, you may also be avoiding a great deal of emotional heartache and financial strain. I fully acknowledge this may seem very pessimistic and I wouldn’t disagree, but this is a reality that you may want to consider if you are a single man who is down in the dumps about it.




It can also be expensive being in a relationship and particularly a marriage that involves weddings and children. Whilst these will almost always be expenses you are more than happy to have to pay, it’s possible that you will have more disposable income and less financial stress and pressure as a single man.




There would be occasions when a married man or woman may have to compromise taking a promotion or moving locations for a new job because this would disrupt their partner or children’s lives.


If you’re single you may have more career flexibility and greater opportunity to take new roles and potentially earn more money.




Whilst you will almost always have less frequent sex when you are single, it’s possible that your sex life will be more interesting as you can sleep with a variety of women and may experience different sexual experiences as each person may have different tastes and experience as opposed to sleeping with the same person for an extended period of time.


So if you are a single guy and this is really bothering you, I hope that today’s information may have prompted you to think a little bit differently about your current situation. Whilst I’m not suggesting these points will make you thrilled about being single, you may re consider the fact that your time as a single man could be better utilised.



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