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We all know how destructive smoking can be for your general health but the ill effects of this nasty and destructive habit are often thought to be mainly internal but today we are looking at how smoking can impact your external appearance and level of attractiveness.






Smoking decreases the level of blood flow and circulation throughout the body which affects the health, moisture and suppleness of the skin. These negative factors combine to create premature wrinkles and lines that can lead to smokers appearing older than they actually are.






Another negative side effect of the lack of blood flow and circulation experienced by smokers is how the head on their hair is impacted. The most common form of hair loss is called male pattern baldness which is a genetic condition that occurs due to no fault of the recipient and will affect around 60% of men by the age of 50.


These men  will experience some form of hair loss on top of their heads whilst the hair on the back and sides remains in tact.


Whilst smoking does not impact the onset of male pattern baldness, it is a contributing factor to hair loss that is not male pattern baldness related. As explained in the last point, smoking decreases blood flow and circulation, both of which are crucial factors in the health of our hair.


Our hair sits inside our skins pores where it requires blood and oxygen to be delivered to the hairs roots to stay healthy and continue growing to it’s full strength and thickness.


The roots of a smokers hair will have decreased oxygen and blood delivered to the roots of the hair follicles which can result in hair that is thinner, more brittle, becomes grey sooner and also stops growing and can cause premature baldness.


#3 – NO GLOW



Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide which affects the level of oxygen in the blood and nicotine decreases blood circulation. Another negative result of both these factors is the appearance of your skin.


At best a smokers skin can look dry and run down. And at worst a smokers skin can be grey and glum looking. In addition, the chemicals in cigarettes will deplete the natural vitamins and minerals in your body which would usually be working to repair skin that has been damaged by sun, wind or other such factors.






Smokers are reported to be four times as likely to feel unrested in the morning than non smokers. Whilst the cause has not been discovered through clinical research, there are suggestions nicotine withdrawals and smoking induced cravings through the night cause smokers to wake more frequently.


A common side effect of not feeling well rested is having visible bags under your eyes which often present as dark purple semi circles and are not an attractive look.





When women are asked the question, what is one of the first things you notice when checking out a guy, one of the most common responses is a man’s teeth.


This is an interesting answer because women like great teeth  for what they represents as much as for how they look. A man who has discoloured, unclean teeth can represent a lack of pride and effort in his appearance which is viewed by women to be very unattractive.


As well as what stained yellow teeth represent about your pride and effort, stained teeth obviously look unappealing and are caused by the nicotine present in cigarettes that you’re burning through.





Your teeth are not the only areas to become stained and the fingers and finger nails also become commonly stained with the same yellow tinge which would be a terrible look during job interviews, client meetings and especially early stage dates.





Apparently chicks dig scars and if you’re a smoker then you want to hope that this is the case. Smoking is a vasoconstrictor which means it causes the blood vessels to be more narrow than they would be if you did not smoke.


This restricts blood flow and delivers less oxygen to the surface of the skin. When you have a cut, graze or scratch on the surface of your skin, the effective delivery of blood and the healing properties contained within it are crucial factors in healing the wound and minimizing the severity of the resulting scar.


So if you do smoke, you can expect to have worse scars than if you chose not to.





Smokers are 6 times a likely as non smokers to develop oral diseases such as teeth and gum disease which can cause tooth decay or the need to completely remove your teeth.





And on a more serious level, smokers are subject to the potential life threatening mouth, tongue and gum cancers as well as oesophageal and obviously lung cancer. What is less well known however is the fact that smokers are 3 times as likely to develop life threatening skin cancer.


As mentioned earlier, smoking depletes the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals present in the body that work to restore and repair skin that has been damaged by sun exposure.




The action required to smoke a cigarette involve pursing the lips which strains certain muscles and can cause premature wrinkles on and around the lips as seen in this image:


photo http://www.webmd.com/


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