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So I’ve previously posted a variety of Tinder related videos and articles which included 25 Tinder mistakes guys make, 14 Tinder photos to avoid using and how to spot a fake Tinder account.

If you’re single and on Tinder which is highly likely as close to 75% of single people are, then I strongly suggest you watch those 3 videos which I’ve listed and linked to in the description field below for you. And today we are discussing X Tinder photos that girls like to see which will increase the amount of matches you receive.








photo: hotdogsontinder.tumblr.com


If you’re on Tinder, own a dog but don’t have pics of you and your dog then shame on you man, shame on you. Women love babies and dogs and they also love Tinder profiles in which the man is with his dog so wise up and include a pic of you and your best mate.


But don’t be foolish and take photos with your best mates dog as though it’s yours. This will only seem disingenuous when she asks what your dogs name is and you have to explain the cute puppy is not yours.





photo: www.people.com


The next Tinder pic girls want to see is men who are dressed sharp. Women want a man who is sexy, well put together and takes pride in himself and his appearance. Women want there man to be a positive reflection and extension of themselves and a man who has a modern haircut, well groomed facial hair and sharp dressed outfits will be sexy and appealing to women on Tinder so ditch the singlets and board shorts fellas.


And as I’ve stated many times, the first thing women will consciously or unconsciously check out are a man’s shoes so if your feet are visible in any pics then you best be wearing modern styled and clean shoes if you want her index finger to head west.





photo: tinderboysdoingthings.com


The next Tinder pic girls like to see is those that demonstrate a talent of yours. Some examples would be playing an instrument such as the guitar, piano or drums (the recorder or triangle doesn’t count fellas), surfing, singing on stage and other talents that stand out and are not overly common as this will be interesting and appealing to women.

And just to clarify guys, anything involving the consumption of alcohol no matter how large the volume or multiple glasses, cans or kegs is NOT a talent OK.





photo: www.people.com


The next Tinder pic girls want to see is photos in which your eyes are visible. Let’s not beat around the bush here OK, Tinder is the single most vain and visually driven application in existence and to disregard or not fully recognize this fact is at the detriment of your own love and dating success.

Wearing sunglasses, ski goggles or foolishly including photos with your back to the camera or below the neck shots will give women the impression you have something to hide and will immediately trigger her sense of doubt and mistrust which results in one and only one outcome: a big fat left swipe.




photo: gossipdavid.com


The next Tinder pic women want to see are what I term outdoorsy pics. To many men’s dismay, unfortunately women aren’t counting down the days to the weekend so they can sit on the couch and watch sport, movies or full seasons of The Entourage TV show (would be wicked if they did right) .

Most women love getting out if the house and feeling as though there weekends were spend doing worthwhile activities that typically take place outside such as walks, hikes, bike rides, surfing, going to the beach, rock climbing, paddle boarding and a host of other examples.

By including photos that suggest you like to get out and about and do fun things, this will appeal to a woman’s sense of adventure.





photo: tinderboysdoingthings.com


Next up is photos that suggest you place a fair degree of importance on living a healthy lifestyle. Now please let me stress that shirtless selfies, flexing selfies or photos you asked your friend to take as you performed bicep curls and bench presses at the gym do not count as health related Tinder pics.

I’m talking about photos of you possibly taking part in a fun run or marathon, photos of you riding a bike or doing yoga, Pilates, crossfit or anything that suggests you make an effort to be healthy but doesn’t require you to guzzle protein shakes every 3 hours.




photo: www.theattractiveman.com



Another Tinder photo girls want to see is images that prove you can cook or at least attempt to do so. Now I’m not suggesting you take mock photos holding a knife and smiling as you cut up chicken you don’t intend to cook.

This is the equivalent of girls wearing push up bras in their Tinder photos and won’t end well for either party. But if you genuinely take an interest in food and cooking then highlighting this through one or two Tinder pics will be very appealing for women to see.



photo: www.businessinsider.com



After a lady has checked out your shoes and satisfied herself that you take pride in yourself and has some level of style her attraction journey will then be a one way ticket to your face. The lady will want to look at your eyes to see if they’re sexy, smouldering, brooding, honest or caring. She will then look at your teeth to see how white and hopefully straight they are.

From there she is likely to look at your hair and notice if it’s well styled and would be clean if she ran her hands through it. She will then finish at your lips and wonder of they’d be soft to kiss.

No I know this information is devastating to the Tinder dudes with the gum and flexing selfies and the shots standing beside or in your car. But given women are more interested in your shoes and face than your biceps and car you should include one or a few head shots from about the chest or shoulders up which really showcases the area of the body that most girls care about and will base their level of attraction on.


photo: www.tinderseduction.com


Tell me how you feel when a girls first few Tinder photos are group shots with one or more stunning girls and you assume the profile holder is the smoking hot girl only to discover she’s not?


That was a rhetorical question because obviously you’re irate and so too will women be frustrated if all your photos are what I term “WHERE’S WALLY” pics in which she’s forced to search and figure out which guy you are.


Adults don’t like playing Where’s Wally so make sure your first 2-3 pics are solo photos of just you or you and your dog or other cute pet.





photo: www.tinderseduction.com


Tinder is like masking good first impressions on steroids and poor quality and grainy pics will ruin your ability to create a powerful first impression. They will also cause the lady to wonder if your images have been snatched from Google or somebodies Facebook which will have you labelled as a catfish and have her swiping left.



And I’d like to end this Tinder photo advice with these 2 important pieces of advice:

  1. Ensure that your Tinder profile includes a bare minimum of 3 photos and ideally 5 plus. Having just one or two photos will appear as suspicious in today’s social media driven society and may also send messages that you’re boring and don’t find yourself in situations that cause you to have fun and interesting photos taken.
  2. Your photos should be an even mix and variety of all of the the above suggestions. You don’t want to appear one dimension – AKA boring but just having 5 plus photos of you and your dog or all photos of you cooking in the kitchen or exercising etc. Mix it up and include a good variety of different images that paints a picture of a man who has varied interests and hobbies and will be fun and interesting to spend time with .


I hope this helped guys and if you enjoyed this post feel free to like, share and leave your comments below and keep tuning back into Improvemant.com for regular videos to improve yourself as a man.


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